A Traveler’s Life

Whether your first travel assignment or your 20th, it's an adventure! You get to work when you want, and pick where you want to do it! We have travel jobs in most major cities and towns and even more small ones so your choices are almost limitless.

Think about it... maybe you've always want to go to Washington State. Or maybe you love to ski half the year and surf the other half. You can! Or spend springtime weekends in New England antique shopping and then hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains in autumn. Are you a history nut? How about Virginia weekend jaunts to Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg? Then head southwest to Charlottes to see Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

Throw a dart at that USA map on your wall and we'll try to send you where it lands! Or, stay close to home to be near family and friends. You're a Travel Therapist! You get to choose.

You love your job. Love your leisure time too! Work on a travel contract with HCS Therapy, generally from 13-26 weeks. Take time off when your assignment wraps up or start the next one right away... somewhere else!

And know this...

  • You will be assigned a Recruiter who will be committed to providing whatever SUPPORT you need. Our Recruiters are experts in your particular specialty and will be your partner from the beginning of your job search, to hitting the road for an assignment, to helping you find a place to live, to finding the next assignment (and everything in between).
  • We will pay a STIPEND to cover the cost of travel and housing. We want you to feel like you're "at home," wherever your assignments take you.
  • If you need BENEFITS, we have a package that includes insurance, 401k, tuition reimbursement and more!
  • Taking on different assignments, you will be exposed to different policies, procedures and protocols, personalities and corporate cultures. Living in different locations, offers the experience of meeting new people, experiencing different life styles and learning new ways of doing things. LEARN AND GROW AND DEVELOP. Broaden your range of experiences. Learn new techniques. Experience everything!
  • Travel Therapists have the best of all worlds! And we will be there with you every step of the way... SUPPORTING, ENCOURAGING AND LEARNING RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU!

Join the HCS Therapy Travel Team for YOUR adventure!

Survival Tips

for the Travel Therapist

Some of your trips will be short... some may be long. Your mindset will make the difference between enjoying those trips or suffering through them. Both the journey and the destination matter!

Enjoy the journey...

  • Avoid getting "car face!" You know car face... it turns into car ATTITUDE and no one likes you when you have car attitude... not even you.
  • Break up a long trip... like Seattle to Boston is a looong trip... by planning some quick little side trips. The bill board said "Poodle City." Check it out! Or maybe the World's Largest Ball of Yarn would be fun to see. Local winery? Museum? Or maybe just find a nice place for a picnic lunch.
  • Talk someone into traveling with you! (but then it will be even MORE important not to get car face!)
  • Eat right. That's always a good idea but sitting in a car for hours doesn't encourage efficient digestion. So maybe steak and potatoes would be good when you stop for the night, but not for lunch!
  • Pack snacks. Veggies and fruit... water... caffeine... you know, the staples. I also like a variety of crackers and, okay, chocolate. Snacks are a good idea but you still want to stop for at least one meal a day.
  • Pick hotels that offer goodies... free breakfast, cocktail hour... something. Socializing is good. Indulge.
  • And here's an idea! Instead of hotels, stop someplace for the night where you have friends so you can crash on their sofa!

Use Technology... There's an APP FOR THAT! Here's a starter list. And if you find one you love that's not on this list, tell your recruiter so we can add it!

  • GasBuddy will show you where local gas stations are, and better yet, what the prices are so you can know you'll be buying the cheapest gas!
  • GPS in the car or Apple CarPlay with access to Google maps will help you get from point A to point B.
  • MapQuest can be useful for finding those little side trips we talked about.
  • Trip Advisor has reviews of some of those side trip attractions, also.
  • Waze is one of my favorites because it's crowd-sourcing at it's best. Drivers provide information on everything from detours and road debris to slow downs, crazy drivers and crashes.
  • UrbanSpoon and Yelp can be helpful when looking for good eats.
  • Hotels.com is good for quick, cheap reservations.
  • There are so many more, but these will get you there with relative ease.

When you get to your destination...

  • Get to know your co-workers. They can tell you the idiosyncrasies of the facility and the people, and introduce you to the policies and procedures you'll need to know. They will also be able to tell you about the town you're in... where to eat, where NOT to eat, where to go for fun... that kind of stuff.
  • Go to a ball game or something.
  • Visit local merchant shops (you can go to Walmart anywhere!).

Generally, keep it interesting for yourself. Stay healthy. Stay rested. You're a Travel Therapist! Put on your cape and go fun saving the world!